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Touch Base in Milan

Design Academy Eindhoven presented an exhibition entitled TOUCH BASE as a counter-movement effort to the digital world and technology during Milan 2016. Curated by Ilse Crawford and Academy creative director Thomas Widdershoven, the show demonstrated a tactile and tangible exploration of whether 'Touch' is a human need rather than just a sensation. Without touch, our physical boundaries are unknown and limitless, leaving us defenceless and floating in insecurity. 

The wider picture to this is the connection between the collapse of tactility with the increase of our carbon footprint, to which the students of the Academy have investigated. For example, Tamara Orjola looked into how the waste of 420 million pine needles left from the 600 million pine trees felled in the EU each year could be re-used in paper and textiles.

Ekaterina Semenova realised that dairy products work as a durable and waterproof glaze for ceramics 


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