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The Foodie Bugle

I have been following The Foodie Bugle since meeting it’s creator, Silvana de Soissons, at The Future of Food event hosted by The Future Laboratory a few years a go. Ever since, i have been following her journey waiting to see what she does next.

TFB started as an online magazine in an effort to discuss the considered world of food & drink. So successful was her writing that she won an award by The Guild of Food Writers for 'New Media' in 2012. As her following grew so did the demand for a print publication. It wasn’t long before we saw The Foodie Bugle magazine proudly displayed on coffee tables across England.

In the summer or 2014, Silvana opened a pop-up shop and cafe selling larder supplies, homewares, linens & stationery and serving homemade Italian-English food to those who popped in to see them. It clearly was a roaring success as 6 months later, the streets of Bath saw the first bricks & mortar Foodie Bugle. And it hasn’t disappointed. You can sit and have lunch or a slice of cake amongst a haven of vintage finds, candles, books, gardenalia and kitchenware. When you’re quite full, a selection of vegetables, hams, cheeses and replenishments are there for the choosing meaning you can do your groceries at the same time.

It is clear from the branding and content that The Foodie Bugle stands for all that is craft and artisanal whilst celebrating creativity. There is a nod to Old-England tradition and utilitarianism -almost a suggestion of war-times. A touch of Labour and Wait but more homely. Smiley waiters are dressed in copper-brown smock-aprons, the veg is stacked in wicker baskets and the shop frontage frames words such as Provisions and Supplies. ‘Rationing’ is a task I may have to remind myself of if I spend too much time there.

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