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PurEarth Beauty

With a mission statement that says 'Empower women through fair trade not aid', PUREARTH  is a skincare and wellness brand with a social mission. Founded by Kavita Khosa, the brand has partnered with self-help groups in the Himalayas to champion hand-made production in favour of factories.

The products pull from the traditions of Ayurvedic science, an Indian philosophy of 5,000 years, looking to maintain a balance of body, mind and spirit, combining herbs, seeds, plants and flowers. These ingredients work alongside the Ayurvedic system of circulation and the elimination of toxins to nourish the body.

The packaging, designed by Neo Khama, is simple and minimal with a monochrome palette and matte labels appealing to both sexes. Products include exotic names such as Himalayan Salt Scrub, Bitter Apricot Body Oil and Wild Rose & Seabuck Face Cream. Despite sitting beautifully on your shelf, this is an ethically-minded company we should all support.


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