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Caro smells the coffee

This time last year, I would never have imagined that i would be learning to taste, make and serve coffee at a farm overlooking a 180 degree view of the Somerset countryside. Daisy Rollo of Coffea Arabica has been training coffee for 13 years since moving here from France. With a background in catering, Daisy discovered a passion for coffee and now spends her time teaching the likes of myself, delivering cupping sessions and consulting on the sensory spectrum as well as travelling to coffee plantations around the world.

The journey of coffee is more than fascinating and surprisingly recent in it's development. Modern coffee has really only seen a major change in the last 7 years. Originally crowned as a delicacy in Italy, coffee was taken as an espresso or cappuccino. America followed with the latte, mocha and americano adding milk and chocolate. Starbucks was born and so were coffee shops becoming a multi-use space for  people to meet, work or read a book. Australia further changed the coffee landscape with the introduction of the flat white and short black as well as the more stylish coffee shop for the freelance-hipster to use as their mobile office. Coffee enthusiasts became connoisseurs and we were frequenting coffee houses on what seemed, a daily basis.

Learning about the coffee process from it's origin as part of a fruit, through harvesting and roasting is essential to be able to deliver an espresso that you can be proud of as a barista. Recognising that perfect shot is much harder than it looks - the water temperature, pressure, grind adjustment, extraction and milk texture are all part of the recipe in recognising the perfect shot. But it's fun practising!


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