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Gingerbread House - for real

Another Living Architecture masterpiece! This time a collaboration between FAT & Grayson Perry and located in Essex, this is a holiday home beyond expectation. Of course, it's booked up now. Maybe next year.... The building itself has gorgeous views out onto the River Stour but at night, the view into the church-like windows has an altogether different picture. Filled with the Turner Prize winners work, it isn't short of colour. The detailed interiors are mixed with gloss surfaces, wood finishes and moulded tile fireplaces. I love the slightly pistachio bathroom.

Playful, intelligent and with a sense of storytelling, the house is born out of a conceptual love story - a fulfilled promise to a wife that if she died before him, he would buy the Taj Mahal, on The Stour. 'Julie Cope' now lives on in the house for all of us to experience. Must watch the Channel 4 documentary.

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