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Kana London

Born in Slovenia, Ana is a rising star in the London ceramicists world. With a background in sculpture and fine art her ceramics have an earthy, tactile quality that show her hand at work with the clay. Ana doesn’t follow prouder and has a more modern approach to her practice, playing with colour, line and mixed clay.

At Caro - Caro is collaborating with Ana on a ceramic collection inspired by the relationship between the city and the country. Word has it she’s a pretty ace cook too which always floats our boat.


 Where do you live? 

I live in a flat by London fields park in the heart of East London, UK.

A very relevant characteristic about my home is that is located across the street from my studio, which makes my life much easier. And happier. My studio is the heart of my life and so it’s my home. Its super important to have them close to one another.

The flat is incredibly full of light. The sun chases you in every corner. The wall of windows and skylights on the top floor where the living space, dinning and kitchen are, gives a kin of summer holidays feel.

The blank canvas allows for my collection of art works, mid century furniture and collectable pieces to long time really stand out.

 Where’s your dream escape destination?

 As a one-off destination, Madagascar, sailing around the small islands around the north of this large island. I've heard it's incredible.

On a more regular basis any of the Mediterranean Islands, the wilder and quieter, the better. I am in love with sea. It's my true love and my cure.

 What’s your vice?

I heard it's perfectionism and Rightfulness. It can back fire and takes the fun out of it all.

 What’s the most memorable advice you’ve received?

 Be present. Don’t take yourself or life too seriously.

 Who’s your muse?

 All of my girlfriends. I admire, am inspired and learn from each of them.

 What’s on your coffee table at the moment?

Lava lamp, Salt Book of Poems by Nayyerah Waheed, and Holiday photography book by Purienne, and a home made hand cream by my auntie

What’s your favourite dish to eat?

 A good Pizza.

 What are you most curious about?

 Peoples stories about their lives.

 What keeps you up at night

Eating dinner at midnight. Day “night” dreaming, reading or night chats with friends living far away

 What gives you butterflies?

 Love and booking holidays

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