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Despina Curtis Studio

Previously Deputy Interiors Editor at Wallpaper* and Style Editor at Elle Decoration, Despina now has many of the greats on her client list from Carl Hansen to Mooi and COS. Her background in textile design gives her an eye for colour and pattern whilst her signature style is clean and considered with an instinctive calm.  Watch this space, Despina also has a carefully curated collection of products coming this way

 At Caro - Despina worked Caro on the interiors for the new shop space on Bruton High Street. We were  inspired by her effortlessness and calming nature.


 Where do you live? 

I live in North London. My home is an apartment with a garden in a Victorian house.  I’m lucky enough to have high ceilings so I’ve taken advantage of that and amongst the neutral palette throughout the house, have added some dark colours on the walls. Namely ‘Borough Market’ by Mylands (a very dark green) and Farrow and Ball ‘Hague Blue’ (a true navy).  My favourite room is the kitchen as it leads out onto the garden and is large enough to have a dining table so I often have friends over for dinner.  I had an Ikea kitchen custom sprayed a blue marine colour ,added leather handles and a corian top so I love the fact it’s small but one of a kind. I’m a little bit obsessed with kitchen ‘tools’ , and ceramics of all kinds, so have a weird and wonderful collection in the kitchen …and not enough cupboards. (!).

I’m definitely a collector of things, its hard not to be working with such amazing designers and artist in my job as a stylist. The overall thread in my home is of strong colour and pattern in most of the rooms, and then very neutral in the bedrooms where everything is very paired back.  Almost all the furniture I own is contemporary and either made in the UK or Scandinavia . I like the contrast between the buildings victorian bones and the mid century or modern day furniture I have.

Where’s your dream escape destination?

Ohh that’s a hard one. It depends on what time of year but my dream destination is somewhere I can get inspiration through architecture , galleries etc… but also has an element of immersion into nature, be it the countryside, mountains or coast.  When I’m away, I really like moving around alot and exploring, not staying in one place too long.  Next years winter escape is Mexico City and Oaxaca.

What’s your vice?

Usually food related! Anything really sweet. 

Whats the most memorable advice you’ve received?

'Follow your own path , come what may’ .  My Dad wrote it to me in a card before I moved to New York after graduating. 

Who’s your muse?

I don’t really have one person in particular but I often think of creative women in the past who didn’t have the opportunities we have now and I try to embrace that freedom in my work and in life as much as possible.

What’s on your coffee table at the moment?

Disegno magazine and 'A Dictionary of Colour Combinations'. It’s a book by Sanzo Wade who dedicated part of his life to studying colour combinations.  A geeks guide to colour basically.

What’s your favourite dish to eat?

My grandmas recipe for Spanakopita , a Greek feta , spinach and filo pastry pie. Delicious!

What are you most curious about?

……still thinking about this one, can’t quite decide, so much!

What keeps you up at night?

On a bad day, our countries political chaos. On a good day, the sets I’m working on.

What gives you butterflies?

At the moment ,the thought of getting into the lido in the morning  . A mix of nerves and butterflies !

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