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Denman & Gould

Eleanor Goulding is one half of Creative Practice, Denman & Gould, alongside her partner Russell Denman. Their work covers a wide range of contemporary making including inspired public sculpture, stunning inlaid jewellery for Sideline and beautifully designed furniture - of which has been bought by HRH Prince William and Kate Middleton, no less!

At Caro - Caro is lucky to have Eleanor at the helm of the shop alongside Natalie. Not only does she add a sense of chic serenity to the store but we also have her embroidered pouches on the shelves which are very pleasing indeed.


Where do you live ? 

We recently moved from a 16th century thatched cottage in Dorset to a more modern home in Somerset. The house we live in now used to belong to Russell’s grandfather, it’s at the top of a hill and has great views, really big skies. We are slowly renovating the house and want to build an extra studio at home. 

Where is your dream escape destination?

My favourite place on this planet is a place called ‘Cym Ivy’ on the North Gower Coast in South Wales, where I’m from. Its a remarkable place where sand dunes meet pine forests and salt marshes meet the sea. Some friends and I used to camp there and I love visiting when I go home to Wales. You can walk for miles along huge sandy beaches and won’t meet another person which can feel incredibly good for the soul. I don’t think I know of a more beautiful place on earth. 

What is your vice?

Not eating well when I’m tired or stressed! 

At the moment I’m trying to be more aware - noticing and stopping negative thought patterns and replacing them with positive ones. It’s a practice that makes such a huge difference to the day and really helps me to look after myself at busy or stressful times. 

What’s the most memorable advice you’ve ever received?

That you don’t need to try too hard to ‘find’ ideas. Ideas come when you allow space and time for your mind to settle.  You can often be the most productive by not ‘working’ like going for a long walk, a swim or do something relaxing. 

Who’s your muse?

I‘m so inspired by so many of my friends and the women in my life. Fiona Cribben is an artist friend of mine whose creativity blows my mind. She’s also been through a huge amount and has such enormous positivity. That’s inspiring. 

What’s on your coffee table at the moment?

I’m reading a book about Tides and how these are affected by the relationship between the earth, the moon and the sun. The natural rhythm and movement of the tides really blows my mind. Cosmic!

What’s your favourite dish to eat?

When Im really busy Dahl is my comfort food. I also love Sushi. Not something I eat a lot of in Somerset. But definitely a favourite. 

What are you most curious about?

I am always curious about creativity and how ideas can be articulated, especially in visual forms. 

What keeps you up at night?

I can find it hard to switch off if we have been working too much. The full moon really affects my sleep too. That and hormones!

What gives you butterflies?

Seeing my daughter happy doing something she loves like climbing or swimming. Cuddling her listening to her reading. And when ideas come together that Russ (my partner) and I are working together.

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