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Emma escaped the city to live a country life as a photographer having worked as an Associate Producer in film. She now photographs some of the most covetable interiors out there for publications such as Elle Decoration Country, Cabana and House & Garden. As well as capturing space with elegance, Emma puts you at ease when taking your portrait and is an expert at finding interesting people to feature.

At Caro - Emma is our resident photographer at The Space and has been with Caro since the beginning. We love her calm disposition and passion for natural light.


The lovely circle used for my logo is a 'nod' to the Ensō – it represents strength, elegance, simplicity & the acceptance of imperfection as perfection. It is an expression of individuality & a symbol that combines the visible & the hidden. These are the qualities I strive to bring to my work.

Where do you live?

 In a modest cottage in Bruton, Somerset with my partner Kelvyn Smith and son Grey. It is wonky & cosy & is our own happy home. We have the river Brue at the end of the garden which we love to watch ebb and flow & I love hearing the hourly chimes from the church clock opposite.

What is your dream escape destination?

The Isle of Mull on the West coast of Scotland where I spent my childhood summers & I still go to with my family now. It is my haven. We have a very special spot where we rent a house & the sound of the wild weather, the waterfalls running down the mountains, the eagles flying overhead & the sheep baa’ing all immediately relax me. 

What is your vice?

Collecting too many shells, stones, feathers & leaves on my walks & not letting them go – the house is full of them!

My most memorable advice?

When I was working for Stephen Poliakoff, he always said make sure you speak to the person in charge – go straight to the top. This was great professional advice.

Who is your muse?

My two grandmothers. Their outlook on life was so positive and no-nonsense, they just got on with everything and took it as it came. 

Whats on your coffee table?

Far too much! I currently have Mary Newcombe, Drawing from Observation by Tessa Newcombe, How to Eat a Peach by Diane Henry, Simple by Ottolenghi and Tara Wigley, Luncheon magazine, World of Interiors mag, Porter mag, Peepo by Janet & Allan Ahlberg, a Barton Croft candle from Caro and a cup of my home made tea of nettles, oatstraw & raspberry leaves!

What is your favourite dish to eat?

Roast chicken with roast potatoes, cheesy leeks, peas & covered in home made gravy.

What are you most curious about?

Nature. I walk every day;  I always see something new and inspiring, I’m such a fan of Mother Nature. I constantly carry my camera with me to capture this beauty.

What keeps you up at night?

I'm a very good sleeper and don’t have sleepless nights & I have an eleven week old son who happily has inherited my sleeping habits. The only thing that keeps me up at night is a quick 5am feed (touch wood!)

What gives you butterflies?

My man gives me butterflies!

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