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Creative Directions and Styling

Hana has an eye for seeing the beauty in the unseen. Her instagram account is one to swoon over and she seems to always being travelling to somewhere exciting and beautiful. When's she not styling on interior shoots you can find her on a beach directing windswept models against epic vista's. She's an avid collector of objects and is a dab hand with fauna and flora too.

 At Caro - Caro collaborated with Hana on the Scandinavian supper we held in June 2018. Hana was behind the thinking of our trademark letters in our central window which we enjoy making-over each season and she’s the creative behind our new website category images. 

Where do you live? 

In the countryside, a converted chapel built in 1860. it’s half home, half studio. Full of collections, love & creative process. 

Where’s your dream escape destination?

Oia, Santorini. White cave houses, blue skies & ocean everywhere you look, sleepy balmy adventures, walking 300 huge steps in the heat for the ocean and it being more worth it than you could imagine. 

What’s your vice?

I am a hoarder, or collector. So I guess that slots into gluttony quite easily. 
I love forgotten things, beautiful old portraits of lost faces, cow bells, match boxes, wooden sieves & I have no idea how I rationalise these purchases to myself over and over. 

Whats the most memorable advice you’ve received?

That no person or situation is worth ones happiness. 

Who’s your muse?

I find inspiration in many people & their work. I am lucky to feel surrounded by inspirational humans most days. 
Jamie Beck has been a huge inspiration to me over the last few years, her attention to detail, her freedom, her emotional approach to work. Rupi Kaur for her openness, bravery and drive. 

What’s on your coffee table at the moment?

A burning candle in a large victorian pickling jar, a pot full of incense, a antique crystal ball on a little mahogany stand, a small beautiful walnut bowl with some matchboxes in & stack of magazines. 

What’s your favourite dish to eat?

I have a obsession with ordering plant based sides. Currently on the menu at Babington is this amazing broccoli with tahini & rasin salsa & a roasted sweet potato with dukkah & spiced yoghurt. Delish. You can order a great meal from just sides! 

What are you most curious about?

Everything visual, what makes a perfect image, why people share what they share, how we see differently, how emotions & experiences can change the way you view something.  

What keeps you up at night?

Its not often, but usually thoughts of the day ahead. Nothing worse than being aware of how may hours you have until its time to arise.

What gives you butterflies?

Butterflies have always been a heart thing for me. Meeting with my love after being apart for a long period of time, lets say three weeks and up. There is nothing like missing the love of your life, nothing like that first kiss. We spend a lot of time apart, it's not easy, but I wouldn’t trade that feeling ever. 
Seeing a space or an art piece that has been crafted over years. I have had the most amazing experiences of being in a space that completely disarmed me with the love tangled up into every corner of its being. Butterflies up to my eyes, tear inducing moments! 

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