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Rooted Living

Pandora is an Intuitive Living Coach on a mission to be a voice for Women. If you need help tapping into the power of you, Pandora will guide you in building the skills to the success you are looking for. As well as one-to-one coaching, Rooted Living offers live online events and 6-week programmes for those looking to start a journey in transformation. She’s written expert advice for magazines such as Stylist, Elle and Refinery 29 and her book 'Intuitive Living' is out on 2nd May 2019.

At Caro - Coach to Natalie, Founder of Caro, Pandora works with her to become more aligned with the direction of her life and business. You know your body and mind better than anyone else but when you’ve grown up with a ton of rules to live by - eat this, wear that, be like them, work hard, play harder - it can be really confusing. Pandora’s your girl to find out what your story is and how to start living it. YES!


 Where do you live? 

After 17 years living in London, I’ve recently moved back to Kent where I grew up. We didn’t land back in Canterbury and instead took to the coast, Ramsgate. My home is a 4 floor end of terrace townhouse - a far cry from my one bed flat in Hackney! I would describe my home style as moody, modern and eclectic.. I love bold and patterned, Moroccan-esque soft furnishings against deep dark or soft grey walls. I have a big thing for rugs!

 Where’s your dream escape destination?

Ooh, well I’m writing this on a flight back to the Maldives where I’ve been with a friend; it was pretty dreamy! I have to say as an escape, that really did hit the spot. We   -my partner and I - decided that before our daughter goes to school, our intention as a family is to travel. We hit LA in March, Malta in September and Bali is on the cards for Christmas.  Ibiza is somewhere I can really see myself living - maybe one day - but India will always have the deepest place in my heart though; I would return yearly if I didn’t have such a passion to see new places. 

 What’s your vice?

Sex and red wine. But sex isn’t really a vice is it, more a form of self-care :)

Whats the most memorable advice you’ve received?

My mum always used to say that everything happens for a reason. I try and see the learning or lessons in everything, even the most challenging experiences. 

Who’s your muse?

I’m not really one to have a muse. I’m inspired by anyone doing the ‘work’ themselves and I believe everyone has a superpower - a gift to share with the world. My work focuses on that belief that only we know what is best for us - our intuition guides us and inspires us better than anyone or anything else can. If I had to chose one person I suppose it would be my daughter because she inspires me to be the best version of myself, make the world a kinder, more peaceful place and a place where women own their own power with grace and humanity.

What’s on your coffee table at the moment?

Ibiza Bohemia by Maya Boyd, Renu Kashyap and Michael O'Neill: On Yoga, The Architecture of Peace

What’s your favourite dish to eat?

Anything on a beach in the sunshine. The setting for me always outweighs the food itself although I do love pasta, pizza and sushi equally. I could eat sushi everyday.

What are you most curious about?

The power of the mind and how our thoughts can help us build our dreams into reality. I truly believe knowledge is key but it’s what we do with that knowledge - the action - that has the biggest impact. I’m such a book worm and I love anything written for self-develpment. The more I get to know myself, the more empowered I feel and the more I can communicate with the world, whether that’s my partner or my clients. I’m also pretty curious about the ocean and have become obsessed with going whale watching. 

What keeps you up at night?

Not much unless I’ve watched something scary and based on life events like Fyre Festival on Netflix, which I swear gave me anxiety dreams all night! I try not to watch anything that will scare me these days. I think as a mother you get extremely protective and so I’ve become much more sensitive to what I watch. I’m also very conscious about what stories and imprints I let into my mind that will affect my vibe. I aim to keep that vibe high!

What gives you butterflies?

My fiancé Tom when I open my eyes in the morning. Sorry, gush-tastic!

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