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Melanie Giles Hair & Beauty

Melanie Giles not only runs three salons but she’s just opened Landrace Bakery in Bath with her husband, of Westcombe cheese, and Baker Andrew Lowkes. Melanie has a discerning eye/ear for anything stylish and is constantly thinking of new projects to put her mark to.

At Caro - Melanie is a total babe and power house with a never ending source of energy. We’re hoping we get to put out heads together for something exciting in the future.


Where do you live? 

Westcombe, Somerset 
We’ve got a Busy home, chicks we’ve just incubated spending their last days in our kitchen before going outside, 284 Italian onions sprouting in seed trays, we spend lots of time in our kitchen cooking 

Where’s your dream escape destination?


What’s your vice?

Bobbys Gin 

Whats the most memorable advice you’ve received?

From my dear mum, make sure you have a coffee break everyday to think.

Who’s your muse?

I don’t really have a muse. I get creativity and inspiration from so many different people, people I work with, people I love, and people that inspire me. 

What’s on your coffee table at the moment?

Seed catalogues 

What’s your favourite dish to eat? 

Today -  Landrace Eccles cake with my husbands Duckets Caerphilly 

What are you most curious about?

Peoples ideas 

What keeps you up at night?

All the elements of running a business, 

What gives you butterflies?

Family hangouts 

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