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Punch Bar

Posted by Natalie Jones on

Shanghai based design practice, Neri and Hu, have opened a bar specialising in punch. Often a dangerous concoction, punch is a home-brew of aromatic ingredients and alcohol served at celebratory occasions. "The word ‘punch’ originates from Sanskrit word panch, meaning ‘five’,” say Neri and Hu “since the drink was originally made with just five ingredients: alcohol, sugar, lemon, water, and tea or spices.” Logan's Punch Bar sort their punch into 4 strands depending on your taste of tipple - Liquor, Citrus, Spice and Sugar. The bar interior mimics that of a Chinese back-alley with reclaimed timber, bottle-green glass and bronze piping however rather than describing themselves as a speak easy, they are a speak loudly. It's reminded me that punch is a great summer drink to look forward to.

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