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Beauty Library

Posted by Natalie Jones on

The latest project by Japanese creative studio Nendo, is a beauty store and cafe based in Tokyo. Serving health-conscious food and drinks, visitors can meet and shop over a coffee - just like at CARO! With a shop layout similar to a library, coffee drinkers sit amongst floor-to-ceiling shelving units sparsely stacked with brightly coloured bottles. QR codes are available to those who would like to learn more about the product or purchase an item online at home.

I wanted to share what Nendo write about themselves - it's so cute.

Giving people a small ” ! ” moment.
There are so many small ” ! ” moments hidden in our everyday.

But we don’t recognize them.
and even when we do recognize them,we tend to unconsciously reset our
minds and forget what we’ve seen.

But we believe these small ” ! ” moments are what make our days so
interesting, so rich.

That’s why we want to reconstitute the everyday by collecting and
reshaping them into something that’s easy to understand.

We’d like the people who’ve encountered nendo’s designs to feel these
small ” ! ” moments intuitively.

That’s nendo’s job.

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Posted by Natalie Jones on

New pottery brand 2016/ is the body of work by 16 acknowledged designers who aim to reinvigorate trade in Arita, Japan, a place know for their 400-year porcelain industry. The collection pays tribute to the historic craft of Arita's whilst adding a contemporary direction by the likes of Sholten & Baijings, Tomas Alonso and Stefan Diez.


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Comic Chairs by Nendo

Posted by Natalie Jones on

Nendo made an impact this year with an impressive 50 metallic chairs formed as a grid on  white square floorspace in a open courtyard. Inspired by the abstract lines of Manga comic illustration, the chairs occupy space and follow forms that echo the actions and emotional symbols such as sweat, tears and speech bubbles of the Japanese characters.

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