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This Girl Can

Posted by Natalie Jones on

Apparently, women are not as active as men because they are conscious of their wobbly bits. Signing up to a sports team or joining a gym can be intimidating with the thought of body-beautifuls and their tight bottoms, can't it?! Sports England's recent advertising campaign launched last week are reminding us that everyone jiggles somewhere so it's time to embrace your body and unite in the wobble. Just watching the advert is empowering and connects us all in the same goal - feeling good and healthy. Slogans such 'Sweat like a Pig' and 'I kick Balls' feature alongside girls of all kinds, banding together in laughter, challenge and exhaustion. It's so good to see a campaign that isn't cliched and actually got me to that boxing class i've been looking at on the timetable for 5 months. It's time to get your freak on girls!

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