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Hermes Lustre Small Pendant 45cm by Hermina Athens, Choker - Caro Somerset

Hermina Athens

Hermes Lustre Small Pendant

Son of Zeus and Maia, God of trade, boundaries, driver of the living and dead and messenger of the Gods. His versatility, sagacity, and cunning were his most extraordinary features. HERMINA is the female form of the name Hermis.

The medallion has a 2cm diameter and the material is gold filled silver.


We believe in one’s uniqueness and in celebrating imperfections. Hermina is a selection of small treasures with roots in our human history and cultures. We create today the heritage of tomorrow to be passed from mothers to daughters, from elders to youngers.

Inspired from antiquity we work with experienced silversmiths and artisans in Athens to construct all silver elements of the jewelry and adorn them with hand-made tassels and pom poms to give them an ethnic twist.