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Post-Poo Drops by Aesop, Travel Kit - Caro Somerset

Post-Poo Drops by Aesop

An aromatic botanical bathroom deodoriser to combat malodors. This product marks Aesop’s second collaborative project with A.P.C. Post-Poo Drops are intended for use after vigorous bathroom activity has occurred. Crisp, citrus peel notes are fortified with rich floral elements to effectively neutralise disagreeable smells. 

Alcohol and essential oil extracts in this formula contain anti-microbial and disinfecting properties, making it ideal for toilet bowl application.

Tangerine Peel Oil – anti-microbial, deodorizing

 Ylang Ylang Oil – disinfecting, deodorizing

 Mandarin Peel Oil – disinfecting, deodorizing

 Alcohol Denat. – carries oils, kills bacteria, intensifies aroma of essential oils

Polysorbate 80 – emulsifier (allows formulation to turn milky and disperse in water without leaving a pool of oil on the surface)