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Denim placemat by Fog Linen, Placemat - Caro Somerset

Denim placemat by Fog Linen


Fog Linen placemat 

Fog Linen's collection of table linens, aprons, tea towels and purses and bags are made from linen which is crafted in Lithuania, following a centuries-old tradition of flax-weaving.

Durable, robust and tactile, linen develops an appealingly soft and weathered appearance over time. It is naturally resistant to dirt, stains and moths and does not pill, and its texture and slubs lend it great character.

Denim placemat 


Washing the linen once before use will lend a pleasingly soft finish. 

100% linen. Machine wash gentle. Dry cool or line-dry. 

Please note that placemats are sold individually.

35 x 45cm