‘ Your digestion is the foundation of your health in general, and should whir away without you being aware of its presence. If you want to overcome hormonal problems (think period and menopause), lose weight, balance your immune system and general feel energised and fantastic, it’s THE area on which to focus.
To help you get to grips with yours, Bean will bust some important myths and bring clarity to the many confusing headlines at two Gut Health Workshops running from The Space at Caro in Bruton this month. She will explain why everyone is so excited about the microbiome and what you really need to know about it, and show you the most important ways you can keep your gut working happily. You will also leave with a great understanding of what foods to eat and to avoid, plus Bean's top recipes for supporting gut health and a goody bag.
Tickets cost £45 which includes drinks and tastings.
6.30-9pm Tuesday 19th November
10.30-1pm Thursday 21st November
To secure your place, visit or email '