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How Boosting Your Emotional Wellbeing Is The Recipe For Success 

with Paradym founder Courtney Carlsson

Join us for an evening of wellbeing, hosted by Paradym, the emotional wellbeing programme. The evening will begin with Courtney Carlsson, founder & CEO of Paradym, sharing her career history; her experience of burnout and why this was her pathway to creating Paradym. Paradym will then guide us through an emotional wellbeing workshop, focusing on why understanding our emotional selves will set us up for success

About Paradym
Paradym is an emotional wellbeing programme guiding you towards a more confident and resilient self. Grounded in the Paradym app, which explores five key pillars - beginning with the first pillar Aware and sequentially working through the other four - Love, Success, Body and Identity - the Paradym process offers science-backed coaching delivered by experts, enabling members to discover their emotional identity by guiding them away from negative patterns and towards healthier emotional behaviours.
To download the app, see theparadym.com


Thursday April 8th