27th - 29th May 

Understated design and subtle, minute detailing are at the core of contemporary womenswear label SIDELINE. Clean yet feminine, this is a collection of everyday clothing that feels special.

Each fabric in the brand’s concise edit is carefully chosen to show interest in its weave and work across a number of styles for an appealing, balanced range. Added to this, clever cutting and an exceptional level of detail in the design give SIDELINE its unique aesthetic. Every aspect of the garment is carefully considered – from engraved buttons, graphic embroidery and quilting, to signature back neck stitching and internal elements. 

Every SIDELINE piece is proudly made by a small factory in Istanbul that specialises in laundered and denim clothing. The factory’s uniquely creative approach to working with small labels as a way of investing in the future of fashion is important to the brand, because every piece in the SIDELINE collection should be made with the same care it is designed with.