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Hidden Frida Kahlo, Book - Caro Somerset

Helga Prignitz-Poda

Hidden Frida Kahlo

Pictures from Frida Kahlos unseen world.


One of the best known artists of our time. Exhibitions of her works draw record-breaking crowds, countless books and films devoted to her life, and generations of artists and designers have been inspired by her style. Given this fame, it is astounding that barely half of her oeuvre has ever been publicly shown. At least 125 pieces of her art have either been lost or destroyed or are in the hands of private collectors who keep their delicate treasures strictly away from the public eye. 


Hidden Frida is dedicated to precisely those paintings, drawings and objects that elude our gaze. Helga Prignitz traces the life and creative work of this Mexican artist along these seldom seen and scarcely known points of reference.