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HOT TONIC, VINEGAR - Caro Somerset
HOT TONIC, VINEGAR - Caro Somerset


HOT TONIC // Apple cider vinegar, horseradish, turmeric, ginger, orange, star anise, lemongrass chilli & honey

'Cult Goods' is the home of good cultures. These guys are constantly exploring the world of fermented foods, drinks, krauts and the miraculous world of good bacteria; They're primary product VINEGAR. 

Live vinegar is not pasteurised so it retains the live bacteria which is seen by many as being good for your health , thought to help with conditions such as arthritis, skin conditions and numerous gut conditions. Take a teaspoon each morning for a vigorous jolt to the system. And it's great in a cocktail too !

These vinegars are delicious and packed with character. The dropper bottles are inspired by the wine thief pipettes that wine and vinegar makers on the continent use to extract their precious liquid. We encourage you to use these droppers to lovingly spread droplets of vinegar over your salads; to splash vinegar over your steak; and to give some white wine vinegar a squirt over your fish and chips.