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Sans [ceuticals]

The French word ‘sans’ means ‘without’

The Sans [ceuticals] collection is pure, clean and without any unnecessary or harmful ingredients. It is without animal testing, artificial colours or bleaches, artificial fragrances, aluminium/alumina, mineral oils, sulfates, silicones, steroids, petrochemicals, parabens, phthalates, vinyls, PEGs, PPG, DEAS, TEA.

Have you ever washed your hands and thought 'why couldn't I wash my body with this as well?' I often have. As I have with hand cream too - 'why could I not use this on my legs?' When you've found a product you love, you want to use it everywhere! The Sans approach means you use less products more frequently, ensuring potency and freshness.  They simplify daily rituals while also minimising clutter and waste. 

Developed by beauty industry expert Lucy Vincent New Zealand, Sans has a core focus on wellbeing and natural science with a team of New Zealand’s top scientists and cell biologists working behind these multifunctional products.

Vincent describes her specialist skin collection as

“a convergence of everything that really matters to me—pure, sustainable, highly active and considered.

The more I learned how ingredients & cells work, the more I desired to create a product that was good for both our bodies & the environment, whilst actually delivering results.” 

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