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Natalie is the founder of Caro, a design brand for life and home based in Bruton, Somerset. Having opened the store in 2015 Caro now offers a one bedroom B&B and events space used for workshops as well a studio for photo shoots. Moving to the countryside to be with her husband, Natalie left a career in London working as an account manager for design agency, wink creative and previously in trend forecasting at the Future Laboratory.

‘The things I buy for the shop; I’m drawn to because I have an associated memory. For example, at home I have a very simple jug I love because it reminds me of long lunches in Italy. Using it bring me a sense of everyday happiness and wellbeing. I take that same rationale for how I curate Caro’.


Having worked in the interior and design industry for over 10 years, Natalie is passionate about creating a home-life that keeps considered design at the heart of the direction and encourages practical living. In a world with so much choice the challenge of interiors can be a daunting feat. Natalie offers an Interiors Service that tailors to individual personality and style but also to the everyday patterns of life. From dressing your home to a complete redesign or refurnishing, she provides design that is aesthetically considered but also for living in.

Have a glimpse into Natalie’s home via ‘The Modern House vs Farrow and Ball’ series.

Alongside Caro, Natalie and friend Kate Simpson, have founded a creative platform centred around connection. Outland offers knowledge and experience in approachable online courses as well as friendly advice on how to start and grow your own business.

"With the political and social horizon as it is, people feel that their voices are not being heard and life is a little out of their control, regardless of which side of the coin you're on. Having ownership of our career and how we choose to live our lives allows for independent thinking and our true attitudes to be reflected out in the physical world. There is also far more access to possibility with social media empowering us to experiment with ideas and connecting us with an audience."