Interior Design Service

At Caro we are huge advocates of bricks and mortar and believe that the spaces we inhabit can determine how we feel.

In a world with so much choice, the challenge of interiors can be a daunting feat. Caro offers an Interiors Service that tailors to individual personality and style but also to the everyday patterns of life. From dressing your home to a complete redesign or refurnishing, Caro provides design that is aesthetically considered but also for living in.

Whether you live in a townhouse in the city or a cabin in a field we are dedicated to creating a residence that inspires and lasts the test of time. From architects to technicians and craftsman, Caro can offer a creative solution whether it be purely an advisory session or complete redesign.

Natalie Jones has worked in the interior and design industry for over 15 years. She is passionate about creating a home-life that keeps considered design at the heart of the direction and encourages practical living.

Once we have full understanding of the project at large as well, as a picture of your style, budget and timings, we will work on a bespoke proposal taking into consideration the best design approach, research involvement and fees.
If the proposal and fees suits your outlook, we will work on style sheets and floor plans to explore colour schemes, furniture, lighting layouts, that will give an indication of the look and feel of the completed project. This is the stage where your input for your final design is essential to ensure you have the space you are looking for. With the concept agreed, and your approval on scope of works, timing and budget – we will begin implementing and coordinating the project.
Sourcing and briefing the trades team, technicians and skilled craftsmen.
I can then be on hand to manage the project to completion as well as preparation for photography whether that is for an estate agent or photoshoot.

Please email to discuss your project.