Countless coffees, cocktails, laughs and tears were had with fellow business owners during my  time as a Shopkeeper. From behind the shop-counter to behind the kitchen-counter, The Caro Podcast shares conversations with the friends I’ve made along the way and tells the stories that led to the handbook I never found….


Anna Kerin of has sent tidal waves through the world of functional ceramics with the launch of her brand KANA in 2012. Ana’s work is experimental and playful yet contemporary and timeless at the same time. A huge highlight running the shop for me, was working with Ana on the LAND range we did at Caro. Our customers loved KANA and would regularly come in to acquire a new piece to add to their collection. Not only has she now successfully moved into drawing and furniture making, her talent has lent itself to filmmaking, photography AND she is hosting retreats set in very chic Sicilian and Italian destinations combining Yoga, Food and Creative Practices. ⁠

Natali Stajcic and I catch up and mull over the best ways to spend a sabbatical, the evolution of business, ⁠the art of play and getting back to our roots.⁠

This is a total highlight for me. I hope you enjoy listening to this incredible woman.⁠




What hasn’t my next guest done within the food industry! Safia Shakarchi’s most recent project was the launch of ANOTHER PANTRY, a platform designed to celebrate contemporary food culture, recipes + stories. It was during my first introduction to Another Pantry, as I pursued the pages of beautiful photography and mouth watering recipes that it dawned on me how in need we were of a space that bridged the gap between the cooking & eating of food, with the creatives that deliver it to us in the form of ‘content.’ With community and design at its heart, Another Pantry connects the dots between photographers, writers, chefs and stylists. I was lucky enough to be in the shop when she popped into Caro and kindly gave me baking recommendations when I needed them.

Talking about food is what Natali Stajcic and I like doing most so this was an easy chat. We discuss food memories, pantry essentials, the best way to eat a Yorkshire pudding and living that side hustle.


People mentioned in the podcast:
Melek Erdal - @mels_place_east



Calandre Orton is a name that is becoming more and more spoken of, at quite a speed! Founder of Up With The Lark, a business consultancy for the creative industries, Calandre is the person to chat to if you’re looking to start, refine or grow your business.

My first foray with Up With The Lark was as a listener to the podcast. Attracted to the varied and inspiring group of guests, I was lured to listen in the hope that I might be glean a few helpful business tit-bits - or perhaps a few handfuls of it in fact.

It wasn’t long before I was taking note of the host, Calandre, as much as I was the guests, thinking ‘What does this person do - she’s so smart and savvy…’ And so, the introduction to her Creative Consultancy was uncovered and I was hooked on her clarity of vision.

With the ability to distinguish the foundations of a creative idea and understand what it needs to become a business, it is Calandre’s talent for finding the core truth behind the confusion that is so compelling. Calandre, welcome to the podcast.





This weeks interview is with photographer Emma Lewis. Not only was she one of my first customers but she’s photographed everything around Caro from the shop, the B&B or any events we’ve had, as well as my portrait, when I’ve needed it. She’s has also taken portraits of impressive people such as Bill Nighy, David Attenborough and Orla Keily. She has a warm and calm nature which, I think, finds you surrendering to the camera, even if you are terrified of having your picture taken.

Her other photography has been published in all the major interior and weekend magazines working with incredible brands, makers and designers including Cabana, Hazlits and Molly Marn.

With self expression and flow at the centre of her work, Emma is embarking into the world of fine art photography turning to nature as her inspiration.

I chat with Natali Stacjic and catch up on turning 42, Glastonbury and discuss what it is to be an artist, stepping into unchartered waters and hugging trees.





Camilla Wordie is a stylist who’s creations stir a playful excitement yet serious tone at the same time. With a precision to her use of colour, form and texture, her compositions heroize the object in such a way that you question whether we are looking at a styled installation for a brand or a piece of fine art. Camilla strikes a wonderful balance between activity within the frame whilst it also being minimal. I’ve often thought that the objects within her compositions seem like they’ve been treated with such care and attention that they almost feel like they’re alive. I am a huge admirer of Camilla’s work, often referencing her aesthetic as a benchmark for my own pursuits.

We talk about all things from conviction, Function versus of aesthetic, Challenging the perception of the everyday to soya sauce and the weight of a plate





Flora Shedden became a name that truly cemented in my mind once I added her book, ARAN, to the shelves at Caro. Local chef’s, of which Bruton has one or two, would come in and wax lyrical about Flora’s bakery, nestled in the heart of Scotland. Opened when she was 21 years of age, she clearly has a serious work ethic as well as an incredible eye and sense of taste. I have either cooked up or drooled over her recipes in her second book SUPPER and have been coveting her monthly postal boxes of treats which include their shopkeepers selection of pantry staples, kitchen essentials and thoughtful homeware.

Aran Bakery