Natalie is a creative consultant for emerging businesses in retail, interiors, design and the arts. Founder of retail store Caro Somerset, Natalie has taken a concept into reality, building a business with a strong community that has become a recognised lifestyle brand. With a background in design, future forecasting, strategy and coaching she believes that the magic of a successful brand is based on insight mixed with intuition. 


Perhaps you've been sitting on a business idea or a retail concept for a while and now feel it’s the right time to develop it into something real but are unsure quite where to start. I can help you sift through your ideas to develop a business strategy that has purpose and direction.

Maybe you need advice on your logo & identity or don’t know where to find the right people to create a brand. Perhaps you are rethinking your brand narrative or the direction your business is heading. I offer an approachable service for the dilemmas you may be facing as an emerging business and will help you in creating distinctive concepts that affect us, as human beings.


The Why is often the most important question to ask when it comes to your business. Our personal Why is even more so. When you are able to identify your own needs, truths and values, the vision of your business will fall inline with your own individual vision. In the ‘Purpose Building’ sessions, I will work with you to realise your aspirations, principles, priorities, fulfilment and ideas of success. Defining your values is a key to finding confidence in the decisions you make with your business.


I deeply connect with an ethos rooted in the home telling a human story and that it can frame our emotive state. Having worked with people in and around the Home, I have witnessed firsthand that the environments we choose to place ourselves in, have a profound impact on our lives. I believing that colour can be a conduit to helping us better connect with what Home is.

My colour consultancies can be either in the home or online. Together we will discuss each room individually and also how they flow together. Prior to the colour consultancy I will send a questionnaire to discover your relationship with each room, how you’d like to feel with your new colour palette and any possible heritage building considerations.

I will create a bespoke mood board which I hope will provide a starting point for our discussions during our first appointment. Following this, I will send a paint specification for each room, detailing colour options, finishes and a final mood board. As I am an independent colour consultant I am able to work with a variety of different paint companies making way for a creatively free and collaborative project.